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Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 172 (The Psychology Of Mark)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Elisa Pacelli and Peter Bird. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews David Pogue's OS X El Capitan: The Missing Manual and iPhone: The Missing Manual, 9th Edition.

Apple Watch: Elisa talks about her experience with the Apple Watch that she received for Christmas. Elisa truly enjoys it and finds that she is using it mostly for the fitness features. Although, Mark shows his laziness by avoiding move notifications. Mark discuss how good the Apple Watch is for talking while your driving. That said, he doesn't condone making calls or using a handset while driving, but receiving a call while driving is marginally acceptable. Elisa has a problem with Apple Pay not always registering, whereas Mark simply can't use Apple Pay in Australia. Back to Elisa's problem, if you know how to rectify the problem she discusses, please let her know. Peter does suggest that it could be a case of just getting used to where to place the watch when making payments as he has noticed that sometimes placement is the key to a smooth transaction. Elisa raises a further issue with regards to the acknowledgement of motion within the fitness/health aspects of the watch. Mark and Peter have had similar issues, so I guess we can suggest that these problems are a result of the Apple Watch being a version one product. Elisa tells us all how to convince the significant other to buy an Apple Watch and she also tells us how to get a bargain.

Apple Music (+General Music Discussion): Mark discusses Apple Music and their recent announcement of having 10 million paid subscribers. He then contrasts that with TIDAL Hi-Fi's 1 million paid subscribers and that inevitably sends the rest of the episode into a music based discussion. 

Elisa Pacelli can be found on Twitter with username: @senseidai. She is also the host of the Three Geeky Ladies

Peter Bird can be found on Facebook and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78 and on FaceBook.

NAMP 172: The Psychology Of Mark


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 171 (The Solo Episode)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is running solo as he wasn't able to get a full roundtable together. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the UZBL: AirWave iPad Air Case for Schools, UZBL: ShockWave Rugged iPad Air Case for Schools, Deezer Elite on Sonos High Definition Worldwide Music Service, and the Bose QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones for iPhone.

Mark discusses:

Apple Watch: Mark talks about how the Apple Watch has impacted his life and if he would buy one himself, or upgrade in the future. You may be surprised by his opinions.

New MacBook: Mark talks about wanting one, but also discusses where he feels the Mac is going in 2016.

iPad Pro: Mark wants one, but it isn't quite right for his specific purposes.  

iOS: Mark loves force touch, but really wants the home screen to be rethought. 

iPhone: Mark talks about what he would like in the future iPhone and why a 4-inch option suits him best. Mark mentioned the BookBook cases from Twelve South and proclaims them to be amazing. 

3.5mm Audio Connector: Mark offers his opinion on the future of the standard audio output connector for the iPhone. 

Music: Mark gives some additional feedback regarding Nemo's reviews and thoughts on music. Yes, Mark does ramble on, but you music loving fans will appreciate it. Just make sure you check out his blog. 

Operating Systems: Did you notice a difference? Mark didn't really notice much of a difference. 

Apple Music: Mark offers his thoughts on Apple's streaming service. You may not agree with his point of view, but let us know what you think in the comments. 

NAMP 171: The Solo Episode


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 170 (Allister's World Of Apple Data)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Allister Jenks, Elisa Pacelli, and Mike McPeek. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the Palm Rest and Trackpad Protector for MacBooks and the Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector from UPPERCASE Designs. John also takes a look at a USB-C™ to USB Adapter and a USB-C™ to Micro-B Cable from Kanex.

Apple Stores: We discuss the lack of Apple Stores, not only in New Zealand but, in many areas of the United States. Yet, in other populated areas there can be several Apple Stores. Apple is obviously strategically choosing locations, but even a kiosk-style store in some smaller markets would likely be appreciated and useful. 

iPhone: While the bump on the new iPhone 6s battery case is interesting, Mark wonders if it the iPhone 6s battery case is code for the new rumoured 4-inch iPhone to be released next year. Yes, Mark is still addicted to the 4-inch form factor, as it suits his specific needs. Allister rightly points out that you can get a brand new 4-inch iPhone today, but Mark counters that argument with the fact that the technology, whilst adequate, is not up-to-date and is now two years old. With that in mind, Mark also suggests that Apple needs to consider looking at form factors that can be released significant cheaper than the current several hundred dollar entry price. Allister and Mark go on to the discuss what such a device could be and how it could work. It is a riveting conversation with Elisa and Mike sharing their unique views on the issue. Mark also believes that the legacy iPhone models should still be supported by Apple with updates to ensure security and connectivity can be improved, while not slowing down the performance of the device. Should Apple wish to do that, then they are in a position to offer more affordable phones to audiences that don't have the money to buy the fully fledged iPhone, or don't want the features that come with the device. That said, the confusion of multiple product ranges may be problematic. Mark also suggests that this dumbing down of iOS devices could help education in emerging markets. Finally, Mark believes that the iPod touch still needs to have a cellular data chip installed. Would you like to see the iPod touch with a cellular chip, or a broader range of options? 

Apple TV Remote: Mark feels Apple should have put indicative knobs on the new Apple TV remote, to assist with knowing which way to hold the new remote. Although, Allister does suggest to Mark that the volume up and down buttons have a rocker volume, while the mute and Siri keys are separate, hence this is a good guide to assist with correct orientation. Allister also corrects Mark by saying that the main problem with the new Apple Remote is that the touch sensitive panel is always on, thereby causing unnecessary and unwanted interaction. Mike suggests that this could be fixed in a software update, and while we all agree, it gives us an opportunity to discuss the topic of Apple releasing products too quickly and on an expected schedule to meet consumer and share market demands. Mark also believes that Apple should have had more universal remote support from launch as connectivity with these styles of remotes, for many people, is essential. Continuing on from this core conversation, the roundtable discuss the validity of Apple's release system and Elisa rightly states that they are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. 

During this conversation, Allister references a tweet with relation to how lucky we are. Check it out here:

Rounding out the discussion, Mark believes that Apple has fallen into the same trap they had with needing to have products ready to launch at Macworld each year. The only difference now is they have their own imposed schedule. Do you feel Apple should release when ready, versus a WWDC or September time frame? 

iPad Pro: Mark believes that the home screen icons for the Pro is just ridiculous and he feels that one solution is to release platform dependent versions of iOS. Allister mentions that they could already do that in the existing builds, as variants of the iPhone and iPad already exist. Mark feels one way to solve the iPad home screen is to allow user customisation, although not everyone agrees with his thoughts. The general consensus is that the iPad Pro is awesome, but it is not everything it could be. Would you agree? 

Allister's World Of Apple Data Overview: Allister has undertaken quite a bit of research relating to Apple services and the percentage of users in each region and how that impacts Apple's entire user base. It is a riveting topic that can only truly be explained by listening to the episode. 

Links to Allister's articles on this topic are: The World Of Apple and The World Of Apple Data.

Don't forget to check out Allister's appearance on Let's Talk Apple

Allister Jenks can be found via and on Twitter with username: @zkarj. Allister is also the host of The Sitting Duck Podcast

Elisa Pacelli can be found on Twitter with username: @senseidai. She is also the host of the Three Geeky Ladies

Mike McPeek can be found on Twitter with username: @dscchipman. Mike is also a co-host of Sci-FiTech Talk and Geekiest Show Ever.

NAMP 170: Allister's World Of Apple Data


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 169 (Mark Is Way Too Attached To Technology)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Antonio Rosario, Peter Bird, and Timothy Chaten. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews a plethora of new products from Macally. There are cables for every possible senario, and accessories to personalise you MacBook. For more information about these wonderful products, please click the previous links and check out Macally's other great products at

For all you music lovers out there, don't forget to check out Mark's new project Subjective Sounds at

Apple Pay: It is still not available in Australia. Okay, so American Express supports it, but at this stage American Express is not a major player in Australia, certainly not outside of business and enterprise. Tim talks about the buying experience on the Apple Watch versus the iPhone and it made me want Apple Pay in Australia even more. Antonio talks about using Apple Pay with the iPhone 6 and informs Mark that you can even use Apple Pay for online only purchases. Many of you may have already known about that feature, but it is new to me and therefore it is cool. Mark even finds out that you can make these online purchases through the iPad. Why do the Australian banks have to cause us so much grief, am I not already paying enough in bank fees to justify using spending my money in the manner I see fit? 

iPhone 6s Camera Thoughts: Antonio discusses the iPhone 6s camera functionality and quality after a couple of months daily usage.  

The photographs Antonio has taken with the iPhone 6s can be seen on Antonio's Flickr page

Antonio also talks about how impressive the 4K video is and how zooming in when shooting in 4K basically crops it to a ~1080p resolution which looks fantastic. I must admit that is a very cool feature. I could certainly use that when capturing my kids at their school performances. Now I want the iPhone 6s! Antonio also mentions how good the image stabilisation is. On the still photography side of the fence, Antonio mentions that he still shoots in HDR to ensure all bases are covered. In all honesty, I would do the same, especially if you have the available storage. Antonio puts the increased quality down to the lens Apple is using. Now all we need is an optical zoom lens. If anyone can figure out how to put that into a smart phone, it is Apple. Yes, there have been some other smartphone/zoom-based cameras on the market, but they are arguably clunky and don't offer the best user experience. Interestingly, Antonio's only complaint is the time it takes to focus. On an iPhone 5s, I have certainly experienced this, but I would have thought this kind of problem would have been behind us in the modern hardware. That said, Peter mentioned that he never experences a delay with the iPhone 6s plus. Could it be that the iPhone 6s is still underpowered in comparison to the plus model? 

Apple TV 4: I discuss why I didn't purchase the new Apple TV, and my uses for the existing Apple TV, although it certainly is in my future. Tim talks about how impressed he is with the new Apple TV. Tim loves the interface and is thoroughly enjoying the trackpad remote, but he wishes there were more apps for the Apple TV. Antonio hasn't picked up the new Apple TV yet, but his 2nd edition Apple TV isn't working too well. Although with his hatred for the 'traditional' Apple TV remote, he may love the new remote control and interface. Antonio is glad to know that the Apple TV box is basically the same as previous models as he believes there is a chance to to switch it across without his wife knowing. I like his way of thinking! For those of you interested in capturing the display of your Apple TV, for use on YouTube etc, Tim explains how it is possible. Isn't it amazing what you can learn on this podcast? Mark believes that you should be able to download movies and television shows to the new Apple TV in order to prevent bufferring issues. Do you agree Apple should implement an offline mode? While Peter did get the new Apple TV, and he is happy with it, he does discuss his issue with the onscreen keyboard. 

iPad Pro: Mark wants one, but not at Australian prices. Seriously, international listeners will be shocked. That said, Mark still finds the limitations, especially podcast recording, just too restrictive for his usage. Tim did get one and absolutely loves it. Both Mark and Tim are astonished with the sound quality from the iPad. 

Mark references his original iPad mini productivity tool article published at The Mac Observer. It is an interesting read and not that disimilar from some of the articles that are being written from the iPad Pro point of view.  

Also, Mark mentioned Tim's awesome YouTube video showcasing how the Workflow app can extract audio from his video podcast and then output as a podcast. Very cool, check it out here

Tim mentions how good the Microsoft Office Suite is on the iPad Pro and certainly Mark agrees with his view, especially when comparing against the compition. That said, Pages isn't really competition for Microsoft Word as they do target very different users. While the roundtable talk about the possibility of editing video, especially 4K video, on the iPad Pro the big problem is the input/output speed, as the lightning connection is just not fast enough for video editing and compiling purposes. Although, Tim says that there is USB 3 compatibilty, despite it not being implemented yet. Mark really wants trackpad or mouse support for the iPad Pro. What do you think, should the iPad Pro have more granular functionality with regards to selection of content on a screen? Antonio rants about the distance between icons on the home screen. It is certainly more apparent on the iPad Pro. It is surprising that Apple didn't address this issue in advance, but then I'm sure it will be feature they can highlight when they talk about iOS X (10). Peter goes on to discuss his thoughts of the Apple Pencil and Tim has declared that for the iPad Pro 2, he wants an Apple fountain pen. Yes, you are permitted to laugh now!

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario. Antonio is also the co-host of the Street Shots Photography Podcast

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78 and on FaceBook.

Timothy Chaten can be found on Twitter with username: @tchaten or on YouTube with username: tchaten

NAMP 169: Mark Is Too Attached To Technology


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 168 (The iPhone Success)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Allister Jenks, Antonio Rosario, and Peter Bird. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews Jeff Carlson's Photos for OS X and iOS: Take, edit, and share photos in the Apple photography ecosystem. John also reviews the Thumbs Up Touchdual Boombox Speakers for Smartphones

iPhone 6s and 6s+: Antonio and Peter talk about the new iPhone 6s range, especially with regards to taking photographs and shooting video with the smartphone. Antonio mentions how positive the buying experience was in his local Apple Store. It is great to hear the experience was wonderful as it certainly adds to the buying experience and confidence in the brand. 

During the episode, Antonio referenced some photographs that he had taken with the iPhone 6s. Please click on the following links to see what is capable with the iPhone 6s in real-world usage: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5, Link 6.

Antonio discusses the quality of JPG compression in the iPhone 6s and how it is not only keeping file sizes low, but allowing for some stunning photographic reproductions. Although, we do lament on the lack of a RAW capture option, especially as video capture in iOS 9 now has the ability to shoot at both optimum resolutions and lower resolutions to save on storage. Antonio also praises the quality iPhone 6s lens and how that also assists with ensuring photographs are captured to the best of the iPhone's ability. Antonio believes the iPhone 6s is so good that it is no longer essential to take his prosumer/professional grade Fuji camera with him everytime he leaves the house. Clearly the iPhone can't replace the functionality and quality of a dedicated camera, but it does show just how capable this device can be for not only everyday users, but professional photographers. What is your opinion of the iPhone 6s camera? Let us know in the comments. 

We talk again about the 4K video capture capabilities, and Mark tries to not put his foot in his mouth again with regards to 'true 4K', but Antonio raises a good point that at this point in time there is really no way to enjoy the 4K video. Yes, you can view and edit it on the iPhone, but the screen size is so small that any perceived difference would be minimal. Peter rightly suggests that a display less than 32-inch in diameter yields minimal improvements in relation to 1080p vs. 4K video. Therefore, whilst it is great that the iPhone can do 4K, perhaps it is better leaving that setting on 1080p, especially considering capturing 4K video takes approximately 300MB+ of storage for every minute. 

Mark raises the question of Live Photo and if it is a game changer or merely a gimmick. The general opinion was that the technology is cool, and certainly having the feature doesn't hurt, but at present there is really no way to share that Live Photo with anyone else as it is only usable within the device. I've no doubt that if Facebook could integrate this feature, it would be a massive hit. But until then, I believe it is a gimmick. What do you think of Live Photos? 

El Capitan: We discuss some of the issues that arose through the upgrade, despite Peter's inability to have a single problem with the process. 

During this segment Mark made reference to the following article by Adam C. Engst regarding the Levellator app: How to Revive The Levelator in El Capitan.

As we discuss the El Capitan upgrade, Antonio references the problems that he has had with Adobe literally stealing gigabytes of storage. 

Antonio's issues were thankfully resolved and more information into the cause and what Antonio was experiencing can be found here. The resolution to Antonio's problem can be found here

Other issues Antonio experienced was problems with iCloud not retaining his password on El Capitan. Whilst this is irritating, I don't feel it is limited to El Capitan as I have experienced this same issue on my iMac running the previous operating system, yet it has never occurred on my MacBook Air. Have you ever experienced this issue? If so, we would love to hear what you did to resolve it. 

Allister's install went smooth but an interesting problem has occurred which leaves the entire panel stumped. No, I'm not going to tell you what the problem was, you will just have to listen to the show to find out. Although, we do discuss the dumbing down of software and how that is impacting the user's ability to define the functionality of their software and hardware. Are you tired of the dumbing down of apps and having to re-learn the apps and your workflow everytime there is a major update? 

Allister Jenks can be found via and on Twitter with username: @zkarj. Allister is also the host of The Sitting Duck Podcast

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario. Antonio is also the co-host of the Street Shots Photography Podcast

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78. Peter is also the host of The Deeper Look Podcast

NAMP 168: The iPhone Success


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 167 (The iPhone 6 + S Conundrum)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Elisa Pacelli, Scott Willsey, and Timothy Chaten. They discuss the Apple Watch, iPhone 6s models and iOS 9, Apple TV 4, Apple Music and iOS digital file ownership.

During the show Mark makes reference to the TechFan #225 (Digital Download Shock). It is a superb episode and one that discusses the issue of digital purchasing and ownership. Please subscribe to the TechFan podcast

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the NewerTech Voyager hard drive dock. 

Apple Watch: It may be over a year since the Apple Watch was initially released, but both Mark and Tim got theirs this week. They discuss the Apple Watch broadly as a few days is not adequate enough to give a conclusive review, however Mark does intend to write a more complete review in the coming week. Scott and Elisa can't justify the Apple Watch, and certainly if Mark hadn't received it as a gift he wouldn't be able to justify it either. Do you have an Apple Watch? If so, let us know what you think about it. Tim certainly likes his and believes that WatchOS 2 was a key defining moment in his willingness to consider the platform. Mark still believes that the Apple Watch is an 'accessory, for the accessory', but he also believes that it is Apple's most personal device ever and that depending on your personal needs and wants, the Apple Watch will either be beneficial, or it won't. 

iPhone 6S+/iOS 9: Surprisingly, none of the panel members on this week's episode have purchased the new iPhone yet. Tim is on the upgrade cycle and will likely pick up one. Scott will consider it early next year. Elisa isn't in the market having only recently got the 6, not the plus or the S, just the 6...yeah, Apple really should have renamed the new lineup of iPhones. Mark is still sitting on the fence with the iPhone 5s having experienced no issues or performance problems with iOS on the iPhone 5s. Mark mentions that he is disappointed that a 5s size iPhone update wasn't announced this year, and likely won't be in the foreseeable future. Following that statement, the roundtable discuss the benefits of a larger iPhone, despite Mark's wishes for a small format device. Have you got used to the size of the iPhone 6 and 6+ yet? 

Apple TV 4: Whilst Tim is keen to get his hands on the iPad Pro, Mark expresses his interest in the new Apple TV. Mark raises one issue and that is the compatibility with third party universal remotes. Although, Tim does eliminate this concern as he says that the Apple TV 2 and 3 remote will work with the new Apple TV, thereby giving Mark hope for a fluid swap over. The entire panel is interested in is gaming, without the need to use the often unreliable AirPlay gaming functionality. Are you looking forward to gaming on the new Apple TV? If so, what games do you really want to play? Tim mentioned that he is disappointed that Apple Music is not currently on the Apple TV 3, or expected to be available on the device in the immediate future. Much of this disappointment is due to the fact that Apple is still going to be selling the Apple TV 3 alongside the Apple TV 4. Is this a problem for you? Do you want Apple Music on the Apple TV 3?

Apple Music: The roundtable discuss Apple Music and Tim expressed his disappointment in the implementation of Apple Music with existing products such as CarPlay. Mark adds to this by reminding everyone that Apple Music content is not available on the iPod Shuffle or Nano, despite being DRM protected within Apple's walled garden. The general consensus is that Apple did an abysmal job of announcing Apple Music and as a result there is still a high level of confusion about the service. Are you still confused by Apple Music? 

The Bioshock Incident: Mark discusses this issue with the iOS App Store briefly. We strongly suggest you check out TechFan #225 (Digital Download Shock) for an epic RANT that Mark simply can't compete with. Although, Mark is mentioned a couple of times, so he is not completely absent from the conversation.

Elisa Pacelli can be found on Twitter with username: @senseidai. She is also the host of the Three Geeky Ladies

Scott Willsey can be found on Twitter with username: @scottaw

Timothy Chaten can be found on Twitter with username: @tchaten or on YouTube with username: tchaten

NAMP 167: The iPhone 6 + S Conundrum


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 166 (What Do You Mean By True 4K?)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Antonio Rosario, Kevin Allder, and Mike McPeek. They discuss the camera update for the iPhone 6s, the iPad Pro, and the Apple TV 4. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews Photos for Mac and iOS: The Missing Manual and the J|M AluCable Duo.

More information regarding discussed topics:

Camera Update For iPhone 6s:

Mark ponders why the iPhone 6s would record 4K video, yet the Apple TV 4 (announced on the same day) does not. Does anyone else think that is a little strange? Interestingly, Apple is including the option to record either 720p at 30FPS, 1080p at 30FPS, 1080p at 60FPS, and 4K at 30FPS. Now if only we could have the RAW option for digital stills. These options will certainly help those of us with lower capacity devices and Antonio believes the 12 megapixel update will be the end of point-and-shoot cameras. Although, without an optical zoom, it can be a challenge to capture the same perspective. Mark mentions that he is worried that the 4K recording will be too heavily compressed and therefore any advantage will be minimal. However, Mark doesn't explain himself well, but is able to clarify the statement later in the episode (so keep listening). Antonio does mention that Apple has had very good results with compression algorithms. Have you been happy with Apple's compression to date? Mike feels that most average users won't really care that much, provided it looks good. Would you agree? Mark doesn't believe that 4K will have as much impact as 1080p and he explains his position in the episode. Do you agree with his thoughts? Let us know in the comments. Antonio feels that optical stabilisation would be more beneficial than 4K and there is certainly a case for that. 

iPad Pro: Three 4K streams being editing on the iPad Pro? We try to clarify what appears to be a series of buzz words and marketing. Kevin gives us some opinions on how enterprise users might best use the new iPad Pro. It is an interesting conversation and certainly a topic that will appeal to business users. Do you currently use an iPad in your business? If so, let us know how you use it and if it is a productive experience. Mark can't help but mention that the iPad Pro is very similar to the Microsoft Surface, would you agree? Yeah, that won't start a fan boy war, will it? Antonio mentions that throughout the demo of the Apple Pencil, the person's hand was way above the surface of the iPad. It is interesting and therefore makes us wonder how usable the Apple Pencil will be when released. Perhaps we will just need to wait for reviews before passing final judgement. Antonio also details his thoughts on creative uses for the iPad Pro, especially amongst those interested in photography and videography. We conclude the iPad Pro discussion by talking about the new Adobe apps and how they will work on the iPad Pro and the existing iPad lineup. 

Paper - Notes, Photo Annotation, and Sketches by FiftyThree – is recommended by Antonio in relation to registering the pressure of a user's finger on the iPad. More about this throughout the show.

Apple TV 4: Mark is disappointed that Apple no longer has the Optical Audio output on the Apple TV 4. He is also concerned about how the new remote functionality will integrate with universal remote controls, that lack specific buttons such as Siri or the touch sensitive pad. Although, Antonio really likes the new remote and he explains why. Mike ponders if the Apple TV 4 can be the one box, that replaces all other setup boxes. It is an intriguing conversation, especially for those of you who, like Mike, are not limited by a single platform. We also discuss gaming on the Apple TV 4 and our thoughts of how that could shake up the games industry. Mark believes that the Apple TV will now need to be upgraded on a yearly cycle, especially with the implementation of apps and especially games. Most of the roundtable believe that out of all the announcements, the new Apple TV will be the piece of gear that they will purchase. Will you be purchasing the new Apple TV 4? 

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario. Antonio is also the co-host of the Street Shots Photography Podcast

Kevin Allder can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: He is also the host of Geekiest Show Ever.

Mike McPeek can be found on Twitter with username: @dscchipman. Mike is also a co-host of Sci-FiTech Talk and Geekiest Show Ever.

NAMP 166: What Do You Mean By True 4K?


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 165 (A Router, An Apple TV, And The Astropad)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Antonio Rosario, Elisa Pacelli, and Victor Cajiao.

We discuss routers, jailbreaking, the Apple TV, 12 megapixels and 4K video capture for iPhone, along with an interesting app that can turn your iPad into a Wacom-style tablet. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the Kensington PresentAir Pro™ Bluetooth® 4.0 LE Presenter.

Please make sure you subscribe to Victor's new podcast TerraTech. On this new podcast, Victor will be joined by both tech enthusiasts as well as professionals, to talk about computers, photography, science, audio production, design, and even cooking.

More information regarding discussed topics:

Routers: Victor considers and purchases a new router that isn't Apple branded. He talks us through the options and his specific reasons for buying the TP-Link Archer C7. We also discuss the Google OnHub Router and ponder if we are concerned about possible privacy issues. If you are looking for a new router to support all your 802.11ac equipment, then this topic will certainly be intriguing for you. We also look at backing up to network attached storage and connecting printers to your network. Victor suggests those without Wi-Fi capable printers should consider the excellent Printopia application. Let us know in the comments what type of router, network attached storage, and printer options you use. Whilst Mark does complain about the lack of local backup for iOS devices, in Apple's own Airport Time Capsule, Antonio lets him know that iMazing offers a possible solution. 

Jailbreaking: Do you still jailbreak your iOS devices? One member on the panel does, can you guess who? If you can't, then you will just have to listen to find out who and why they feel compelled to run the risk of jailbreaking. We also discuss Beta versions of operating systems and if you should, or shouldn't, get these early builds. 

Apple TV: We discuss what we would like to see from a future version of the Apple TV, whilst ensuring that we don't go too far into the rumour mill. Mark suggests that the best option for Apple TV owners is to use a universal remote as it offers better functionality than Apple's own included remote. Whilst Mark acknowledges the iOS app for the Apple TV, I think we can all agree that whilst it is available, it isn't the best experience as the performance is erratic at best. Mark believes that a slightly faster processor would be useful, but he also wonders how much of the slowdown is a result of buffering from Apple's servers. Have you had buffering issues with the Apple TV? Mark also doesn't feel 4K video is essential or even needed for the Apple TV. Would you agree? If not, why? Interestingly, Elisa doesn't have an Apple TV. Nor does she want one. It is an interesting discussion and one that many of you will find intriguing. 

12 Megapixels/4K for the iPhone: We discuss how important the increase in megapixels is and whether or not the number is representative of quality. Should Apple stop publishing numbers, as Mark suggests, or is there still an intrinsic value to this detail? Let us know what you think in the comments. Also, would the compression for 4K video, on the iPhone, counteract the advantage of 4K? We discuss these thoughts throughout the conversation. Antonio does wonder why we can't get the RAW files from the iPhone. I think everyone would like that option, if for nothing more than archiving purposes. The roundtable also discuss the way in which they backup their photographs from the iPhone. You may be using some of these methods yourself, but some may be new to you. Take a listen and let us know what you are currently using and if you have found the information valuable. 

Astropad Graphics Tablet: Antonio discusses an iOS app that turns your iPad, or iPhone, into a graphic tablet style device for use with a plethora of applications including Adobe's Photoshop. It looks like a fantastic option for those who don't want to buy a Wacom tablet device, but want similar functionality. Anyway, enough from me, go and listen to the show as Antonio explains the app and functionality far better than I can. 

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario. Antonio is also the co-host of the Street Shots Photography Podcast

Elisa Pacelli can be found on Twitter with username: @senseidai. She is also the host of the Three Geeky Ladies

Victor Cajiao can be found at and is the host of the TerraTech Podcast. You can also find Victor on Twitter with username: @victorcajiao

NAMP 165: A Router, An Apple TV, And The Astropad


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 164 (Playing The Music Wrong)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Antonio Rosario and Scott Wilsey. We discuss the future of the iPad, Music and Apple's approach to streaming as well as iCloud reliability. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the FECA Compact Swivel Mobile and Tablet Stand and the FECA Swivel Mobile and Tablet Stand

More information regarding discussed topics:

iPad: Is it dead? No we are not talking about the demise of the iPad. However, we do ponder why we are no longer seeing growth in that sector. Mark feels that the longevity of iOS, in regards to supporting older hardware, is a key reason for the delay in the upgrade progress. Scott agrees somewhat but it was interesting to find out that he has predominately moved away from the iPad to the iPhone 5s. Scott shares some of his reasons and I think many people would be in the same position. Do you use your iPhone more than your iPad, especially if you have an iPhone 6 Plus? Let us know in the comments. Scott feels that Apple has forgotten why the iPad is is important and that it is akin to a big iPhone. Would you agree? In some ways, I would as the iPad mini is really a product that isn't needed in a world where there is an iPhone 6 Plus. Now, if only Apple made an iPod touch in a plus size! Mark ponders what the next big thing is for the iPad. Whilst the roundtable don't dip too far into the rumour mill, then entire panel believe that a 12-inch iPad would be beneficial for many uses and the addition of periphery items such as a stylus, and mouse support, would further encourage acceptance amongst business users. Would you like Apple to more external device support? Mark simply wants options. Antonio believes that one of the things that needs to be worked on, that would also benefit from a larger iPad, is professional editing apps. Everyone agrees and Mark also mentions how well Microsoft Office for iOS performs. 

Music: The roundtable discuss music, Apple Music, or is that iTunes, or iTunes Match, or Beats...OMG! Antonio and Mark express their concerns with Apple and Music, yet Scott doesn't have the same problems, despite being able to sympathise with them. Mark belives it is now too difficult to have and manage music on iOS as a result of the Apple Music introduction. Would you agree? Are you struggling to deal with the changes? Do you find that you are spending more time trying to work out the technology than you are enjoying the music? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Mark discusses how iTunes Match is failing for him and his specific needs. Yes, it is a unique case and one that many listeners will likely find interesting. Mark truly misses the iPod classic and the simplicity that it offered. Do you still use an iPod? Antonio adds to Mark's thoughts by stating very honestly that in the days or records, cassettes, and compact discs we never had to negotiate with the media in order to play it. It is extremely funny, and so true. I'm sure you will enjoy. Scott counteracts the arguments by Antonio and Mark by stating that Apple Music has allowed him to enjoy music more as he no longer needs to worry about micro managing a digital collection. I must admit that this line of thinking does make me consider if I am using the system in the best possible way. 

iTunes: It is no longer about tunes and music management. We ask if iTunes is simply too large and what can be done to reduce the impact on users. Should it be once again simplified? Mark believes that Apple should be killing off legacy services, such as iTunes Match, prior to releasing new technological advances. It is his hope that this would reduce some of the confusion. However, one of the key areas of confusion is where the iPhone stats that there is a specific amount of data available, but then iTunes says that this is incorrect. We discuss the problem and why it happens. To make matters worse, or more frustrating for users, Mark recommends that you shouldn't buy audio books on iTunes because Apple does not allow you to re-download an audio book if you delete it. We shall file that in the ridiculous, but true category.

iCloud: Mark believes that Apple still hasn't mastered cloud computing, despite relying on it so heavily. Do you rely on iCloud, or other Cloud services? Which services do you use? Interestingly, Scott says that iCloud Photo Library is perfect. Perhaps there is hope after all. Although, Antonio offers a slightly different view. It is a very interesting conversation and everyone can certainly learn something from Antonio's view on the matter. 

Mark, Antonio, and Scott all rant: Yeah, you're not getting that insider information without listening to the show. All that can be said is it will be memorable should you listen right to the end of the episode.

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario. Antonio is also the co-host of the Street Shots Photography Podcast

Scott Willsey can be found on Twitter with username: @scottaw

NAMP 164: Playing The Music Wrong


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 163 (Backup Your Data, Or You May Lose It!)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Tom Schmidt, Mike McPeek, and Peter Bird. We discuss everything from AppleCare to backing up your data. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the i-dSp Headphone Digital Sound Processor. If you are interested in purchasing this item, following John's review, you will also need to purchase Apple's Lightning to USB adapter. John also recommends the SteelSeries 9H Gaming Headset for PC, Mac, and Mobile Devices for use with the i-dSp. The i-dSp will perform extremely well with any other high quality headphone. For the review John referenced, please go to: Head-Fi.

More information regarding discussed topics:

AppleCare: We discuss AppleCare and what it actually covers. Tom offers us a wealth of knowledge, but you will just have to listen in order to find out more information. Needless to say, you will be surprised at what AppleCare does cover and you may look more seriously at AppleCare the next time you purchase some new equipment. Let us know if you buy AppleCare and what you think of it? As Mark tends to buy entry level equipment, he ponders if the expense of AppleCare if suitable for him and the roundtable weigh in with their thoughts. It is a riveting conversation that details why some of us buy extended warranties, and others don't. We also consider the price of repairs outside of AppleCare and the general warranty offered by Apple. 

Optical Drive MacBook Pro And SuperDrive Compatibility With The New MacBook: We discuss if the 13-inch MacBook Pro, with optical drive, is still selling and who the target market for that Mac is. Tom also ponders if the external SuperDrive is compatible with the new MacBook. If you have experience with the SuperDrive and the new MacBook, let us know in the comments. We would love to know if it works and how well. 

Apple Music: Mark discusses Jim Dalrymple's recent issues with Apple Music and that ultimately leads into the following discussion on backing up your content.

Backing Up Your Data: Mark asks the roundtable how they backup and some of the methods mentioned include: Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner, Backblaze, Crashplan, OneDrive, Dropbox, and iCloud Drive. For music, Mike uses Amazon Prime and also discusses Google Play. Peter still uses optical media as a backup option while Tom details the ways to check the status of Time Machine to ensure that your backups are successfully backing up. Tom also mentions The MacGuys+ SafeGuard Alerts as a possible option for Mac users wanting an early warning system for possible Mac problems. More information is available via this PDF. What method do you use to backup your data? Before you let us know your backup strategy, make sure your backups are running. Right now! Go on, pause the show, we'll wait. 

Windows On The Mac: The roundtable discuss Windows in general and how it performs for them on their Macs. If you use Windows, or are thinking of using Windows on your Mac, then you will likely find some excellent examples of real-world usage including our thoughts on the current Windows lineup. Tom mentions that he runs Bootcamp, but also Parallels Desktop. Although, Bootcamp no longer supports Windows 7, only Windows 8. That is surprising, especially given the fact that Windows 7 is, as Tom mentioned, the most popular build of the Windows platform. The roundtable also talks about the Metro interface and how functionality on the Mac, such as Notifications, compare. 

iOS 9 Beta: Apple removes the ability for people to leave App reviews when they are signed up to the iOS Beta. This is a fantastic move for developers, but Mark asks if Apple should be providing the average user with access to a public Beta. What are your thoughts? Would you agree? Do you use the public Betas? Let us know in the comments. Certainly Mike and Tom believe that the public betas should continue. Tom believes it is about securing the foundation and certainly we have seen Apple do this with iWork, Photos, and Final Cut Pro for example. In these cases, Apple has radically changed the applications and then added certain features back in at a later date. Whilst I personally don't agree with this process, I understand what they are trying to achieve. In saying that, it does make it difficult if the changes significantly alter your workflow. 

Tom Schmidt can be found via Twitter with username: @tomdar2. Tom is also a Apple consultant at The MacGuys+

Mike McPeek can be found on Twitter with username: @dscchipman. Mike is also a co-host of Sci-FiTech Talk and Geekiest Show Ever.

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78. Peter is also the host of The Deeper Look Podcast

NAMP 163: Backup Your Data, Or You May Lose It!


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 162 (New iPod Colors. Yay!)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Allister Jenks, Antonio Rosario, and Peter Bird to discuss everything from the iPod to Photography. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the Secūr Six-In-One Car Charger (Model Number: SP-4003)

More information regarding discussed topics:

iPod: Mark isn't entirely happy about the iPod updates as he rants about the colors, but more specifically that neither the iPod Shuffle or iPod nano recieved an update to support Apple Music. It just seems strange as the iPods are locked into Apple's walled garden anyway. Allister feels that no significant upgrade was released as it would have required a more significant upgrade to the inner workings of the devices. Although, Mark believes that 2GB of storage for the iPod Shuffle is just too low. Would you agree? Antonio also misses the former square iPod nano for the additional storage. You know the one. The one that we all used as a watch, prior to the Apple Watch. Whilst Mark likes the new iPod nano, he dislikes the fact that it can't be clipped to clothing, like the edition that Antonio mentions. Do you remember iPod cases? Mark does ponder why iPod cases are no longer made–certainly not many of them! Based on this bit of nostalgia, the round table digress to look at traditional technologies and how much the humble cellular phone has transformed since the introduction of the iPhone. Did you know there used to be iPod/Apple vending machines? Mark didn't, but Alister and Antonio seem to know much more about it. Riveting conversation, take a listen. Mark then asks the roundtable to ponder why the 32GB is still available for the iPod touch, along with 128GB, given it was completely removed in the iPhone lineup. Mark then discusses the significant cost differences between Apple products. Would you agree that some Apple products are priced significantly higher than they should be? Take a listen and let us know in the comments. 

More Flixibility For Testing Products At The Apple Store: Mark wonders if Apple should be more flexible with in-store testing of products so that consumers can see if a product best suits their needs. Would you agree? Let us know in the comments. Antonio believes it isn't possible due to overcrowding and criminal activity. Isn't it a shame that a few people, ruin it for everybody. 

5K iMac: Peter got a new toy. A maxed out one at that. It is fair to say that Mark and the rest of the roundtable are somewhat jealous, but at the same time excited to hear about this new piece of kit. We discuss why Peter went with the iMac over the possibility of a Mac Pro and Antonio asks Peter how easy it is to calibrate that iMac display. Have you ever tried to calibrate the display of an iMac? If so, what was the process like? Mark asks how accurate Apple Displays are out of the box and Antonio offers some thoughts about it. Antonio does mention that it is disappointing that Apple no longer support matte screens for their lineup. Would you agree? 

Life After Aperture And Photography In General: Allister talks about his experience with Aperture and what he intends to do now and into the future with a library of approximately 30,000 photographs. Allister makes an interesting point regarding Photos for iOS and how you can't add keywords on the device. Maybe I am wrong in my thinking, but wasn't this feature previously available? If you know, can you please leave us a comment? It seems that the concensus is that anyone with large photo libraries will not be able to adequately use Photos, or the associated iCloud Photo service to manage all their collection. As Allister suggests, it seems that what Apple offers is perfect for individuals who use their iPhone as their main camera, but those who have dedicated cameras may not have a great experience despite Apple supporting these assoicated devices and formats. Mark finds it interesting that Allister won't delete photographs, whereas Mark likes to delete them and only save the photographs that appeal to him. With that in mind, Antonio and Allister offer Mark an explaination that will make you reconsider wherther or not to keep more of your photographs. Mark goes on to talk about how he has lost interest in photography, since no longer having it as his profession, and the roundtable offer him some great advice to getting back into the hobby. Antonio talks about a couple of cameras that are just amazing that include: Fuji X20 and Fuji's X100T.

Allister Jenks can be found via and on Twitter with username: @zkarj. Allister is also the host of The Sitting Duck Podcast

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario. Antonio is also the co-host of the Street Shots Photography Podcast

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78. Peter is also the host of The Deeper Look Podcast

NAMP 162: New iPod Colors. Yay!


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 161 (A Little Of This, A Little Of That!)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Allister Jenks, Antonio Rosario, and Victor Cajiao to discuss everything from Apple Music to the Apple Watch and those sites that use too many ads. We also discuss third party accessories and how Apple is being a little too controlling. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the Style Power Portable Charger from myCharge

More information regarding discussed topics:

Apple Music: Mark asks if the bloggers added to the confusion of what Apple Music is. What do you think? The roundtable try to detail the benefits and the pitfalls of Apple Music and we would love to hear about your Apple Music experience in the comments. We discuss how relevant DRM is in Apple Music and what that means for users, especially those who use an iPod on a daily basis. Victor reminds us all that it is essential to have more than one backup of your music library. You are backing up, arn't you? Mark wants to see Apple Music on the iPod nano, with the ability to have your music offline as well. Antonio is concerned about the possibility of music being lost or DRM'd (is that really a word? It is now!), but Victor simplifies what Apple is doing with DRM and puts everyone's mind at ease. Mark talks about iTunes Match and how to make it work in the new version of iTunes. The roundtable also talk about the confusing name changes to Apple's services and Victor wants everyone to remember that Apple Music is an opt-out service and subsequently if you no longer want the service after the free trial period, you need to go into the settings and make that change to prevent being charged. Allister suggests that the strength of Apple Music vs the competition is in the curation. Would you agree? Do you skip less often in Apple Music? We also talk about the relevance of Connect, but will it end up as another Ping!? Mark still misses iTunes LP and has a mini rant but is pleased that iTunes Match no longer has problems of tracks skipping since the Apple Music update. Have you had the same experience?  

Apple Watch: Mark still wants one! Can Allister and Victor convince him to buy one? Mark ponders if the Apple Watch he can afford, would be a great experience and asks if the Apple Watch is just an accessory, or does it offer a additional functionality? Allister runs through his usage and explains how the little things are helping him become more productive. Although, would he buy the Apple Watch again? You will just have to listen to find out. Victor recommends when setting up the Apple Watch to not allow all apps to work with the watch, but manually select them as this will ensure you get the most productivity out of the watch. Whilst Victor's use case scenario differs from Allister's, he believes that the Apple Watch would be perfect for Mark. Will Mark now pick up an Apple Watch? Stay tuned (or subscribed) to find out! Antonio mentions the Apple ads for the Apple Watch do a great job at encouraging his interest in purchasing one. To see the ads, click here and let us know what you think. 

Apple Repackaging Third Party Accessories: We discuss why Apple are doing this and what it means for accessory makers. We discuss the possible confusions and if it really needs to be done and Mark wonders who will pay for the re-design for the Apple Store accessory makers. Victor rants about this and doesn't appreciate Apple dictating what accessories we should use or buy for our Apple devices. Mark also rants about Bose being removed from Apple's Stores when they were undertaking legal action against Beats, following the acquisition by Apple. It is an interesting conversation and one we are sure you will enjoy listening to.  

Ad Blocking: The roundtable discuss ad blocking and whether or not it is good for sites and consumers. What do you think of ad blocking? Do you support ads? Or should it be re-thought and standardised across the Web? Let us know in the comments.  

Allister Jenks can be found via and on Twitter with username: @zkarj. Allister is also the host of The Sitting Duck Podcast

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario. Antonio is also the co-host of the Street Shots Photography Podcast

Victor Cajiao can be found at and on Twitter with username: @victorcajiao. Victor is also the co-host of the Artechulate podcast. 

NAMP 161: A Little Of This, A Little Of That!


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 160 (Guy Drops The 'Hey Siri' Bomb)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Peter is joined by Guy Serle and Antonio Rosario to discuss everything about Apple including iTunes Match, Apple Music, DiscoveryD Antenna Gate, Apple Pay, Another Steve Jobs film, iBooks authoring, and replace the Photos App with an alternative. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the Hal Leonard Ukulele Method iPad app by G-Men Productions. 

Make sure you check out Guy Serle's book Maltese Cube

More information regarding discussed topics:

iTunes Match and Apple Music: The round table discuss the possible problems with being charged twice. Once for iTunes Match and then for Apple Music which includes an iTunes Match styled service. Whilst I agree that it is a concern, it should also be noted that Apple Music's iTunes Match inclusion will DRM your matched music, thereby preventing playback on third party systems and applications. By comparison, iTunes Match as a standalone product contains no DRM. DRM is so 2003, don't you think? Guy brings up a great point that Apple keeps trying cloud based services, and changing accordingly, therefore we need to wonder how long they will stick with Apple Music. Will it become another Ping!? Obviously, it is too early to say, but what has your experience of Apple Music been like? Personally, I'm not going to use Apple Music as I want to keep my existing iTunes Match/Radio system running. That said, I have noticed that I am no longer getting dropouts or skipped songs in iTunes Match since Apple Music was released. The roundtable also compare their music collections to see who has the biggest collection and I'm impressed that my peers are such dedicated music fans. MUSIC ROCKS! The guys talk about the setup process, for Apple Music, and all I can say about the algorithm approach is that my music tastes are so broad, I wouldn't want to diminish any possible genre. Antonio somewhat agrees as he felt it was quite limiting and he wonders why they didn't just check his music library to work out his personal interests. Perhaps the reason they didn't do that was they want to distance Apple Music from iTunes, or have it so that you know that you don't need iTunes in order for Apple Music to function. Guy decides to drop the 'Hey Siri' bomb' – complaints can be forwarded to @Macparrot who is in no way responsible as the editor (me) decided to leave it in as a social experiment. 

DiscoveryD Network Issues: The team talk about possible network issues with the latet updates to OS X. Guy mentioned that it was also spoken about on a recent episode of The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab Podcast. To be completely honest I have no real idea of what DiscoveryD is, so let's take a listen to the rest of the conversation shall we? 

Antenna Gate: Interesting development for the Antenna issues that plagued the iPhone a number of years ago. Guy mentioned that it only really impacted people who are left handed. Is this the beginning of a conspiracy theory? 

Apple Is Doomed Because Apple Watch Is Doomed: All I can say is anything can happen, but not in the foreseeable future unless someone really screws up! Despite annaylists being completely wrong, most of the time, why on earth are they paid so much to lie more than lawyers and politicians? Frankly, it sounds like a made up job that requires no real research or validation of claims. 

Barklays Bank Didn't Sign Up For Apple Pay: Poor Peter. He was so looking forward to using Apple Pay but his bank doesn't support it. Maybe he should go with Gringotts! Guy and the crew wonder why people don't care about the information that is being gathered by massive companies to use in avenues such as marketing. Whilst I agree with Guy that people openly give permission for their information to be used, one of the major problems is the terms and conditions of a service that are never read. We all tap the agree button because if we don't agree with a change that Apple (insert other evil company) has made to iOS, for instance, then our iPhone becomes useless.  

Another Steve Jobs Trailer: I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not sure that want to see another movie about Steve Jobs. Are you interested? Let us know in the comments. The guys then go a little off topic, but at least I know the movies I want to check out in the coming months. 

iBooks: Options for creating eBooks and getting them sold are discussed. It is a very interesting conversation for anyone looking to self publish. If you do self publish, dear listener, let us know so that we can read your book and promote it on the show. I couldn't agree more with Guy about having a second person look over your written content for errors. Lord knows I have more than my fair share. However, I have never read a book, by any author, that didn't have a least one error in it. Not necessarily a massive error, but just a small typo that got missed in the editing process.

Apps To Replace Photos: Antonio has been looking at a number of apps that could replace Apple's Photos app since I raised issues about it last time I hosted. You know the episode. The one where I never stopped talking. Anyway, Antonio has found: Emulsion for Mac and he gives a his initial thoughts. Antonio is right on the money with regards to Apple pulling the rug out from underneath professionals that decided to dedicate their time and workflow to Aperture. If nothing else, it sets a bad precedence that Apple cannot be trusted to deliver and support software that can be used in the professional world for years to come. Afterall, look at what they did to iWork. Antonio talks about how many photographs are being taken by everyone and the possible management dramas that will result. Although, I can't help but wonder if the average user ever looks back at photographs they have taken in the past. Do they relive the memories, or is digital photo management for many people merely akin to digital shoebox of photographs. What do you think? Leave us a comment. Antonio has me in hesterics with regards to selfie sticks. Remember Antonio, it is all about i. iMac, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iPhone. Now i need to go and publish this episode, so i can get on with my iLife! What's left of it that is! 

Guy Serle can be found at and on Twitter with username: @Macparrot

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78

NAMP 160: Guy Drops The 'Hey Siri' Bomb


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 159 (Peter The Curator)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Peter is joined by Karl Madden and Kelly Guimont to discuss everything from Taylor Swift and Apple Music to news curation and the Macstock Expo.

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews Joe Kissell's new book: Backing Up Your Mac: A Joe On Tech Guide. More information can be found at John's second review for this week is for the iPhone 6 Strada Series Case from OutterBox.

Also make sure you use the coupon code MYMAC50 to get $50 off Beep at

More information regarding discussed topics:

Taylor Swift & Apple Music: Karl and Kelly discuss that whilst the artists are voicing their opinions, based on Apple's initial unwillingness to pay royalties during the Apple Music trial period, the fact that record labels are not being drawn into discussion is rather interesting. Perhaps this is because the music labels approved the Apple Music deal. This situation does make me wonder if Taylor Swift was really just approaching this with pure intentions to help indie artists? Do you, dear listener, have any thoughts on this? Certainly Karl thinks Taylor Swift was simply acting like a spoilt child. Would you agree? Let us know in the comments. Kelly raises an interesting conundrum where Taylor Swift may have a double standard with regards to how her entertainment company deals with photographers. From my perspective, it is always difficult to be confirm assumptions when we only seeing a peek behind the curtains. I would love to know what professional photographers, such as Antonio Rosario, think about these types of contracts. Kelly does raise an interesting issue regarding the pittance artists get paid from music streaming. Perhaps it is then better to consider that this issue is not about the money but the principal of devaluing music to the status of a free commodity. Kelly references Cracker's song Low to further express how little Pandora paid the band for the streaming of the song. Over 1 million plays and only ~$16 in revenue is ridiculous. It makes me less interested in supporting streaming services than ever. And to think, we used to complain about the music companies screwing artists. Streaming services have taken that to an all new low. Will you stop listening to streaming services given the pittance they pay artists? Karl rocks by making a seamless reference to AC/DC's It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) to explain how real artists have a long journey ahead of them and how manufactured artists are not helping the music industry. Kelly rocks as she is a fellow liner notes fan. We must remember that a good record is not only about the artist, but the other people who contribute. In the modern day of streaming and digital music purchases there really needs to some sort of digital liner notes accompany all the music. Simple addition and a value added service, you'd think! For independent artists looking to get their music on iTunes the team discuss the options and some include CD Baby, The OrchardTuneCore, Believe Digital UK, Phonofile. Alternatively, Apple has a complete list of approved aggregators, of which these previously listed businesses are part of, that can be found by clicking here

News App: The roundtable crew discuss the new Apple News feature. Personally, I've never though Apple handles these things well and should frankly leave it to third parties, but I may be swayed by the conversation you are about to hear. Let us know what you think in the comments. Peter and Karl argue that there isn't a downside to being part of this new system, but Kelly reminds us all that RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has been the default technology she has been using for years. Ah, remember the days when Apple supported RSS in the Mail app? Yeah, it wasn't their best feature! Perhaps this is why I am concerned about the news app. Kelly believes the model Apple is using is wrong as it should be opt-in, not opt-out whilst Karl is concerned about possible political and social agendas that Apple could bring to the public via the editorial process of the news app. 

Macstock Expo: Peter asks if these conference style events are still relevant, or are they merely an avenue for podcasters, writers, and Apple zealots to get together and share good times. Kelly and Karl believe these events are essential and that no matter how good technology gets, it can't replace the real-ife interactions between people. I certainly agree, do you? For more information about the Macstock Conference & Expo click here.

Apps mentioned on this episode include: Flipboard, Downcast, and Overcast

Kelly Guimont can be found via and on Twitter with username: @verso

Karl Madden can be found at and on Twitter with username: @claw0101 

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78

NAMP 159: Peter The Curator


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 158 (Mark Never Stops Talking)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Elisa Pacelli, Peter Bird, and Antonio Rosario to discuss everything from photo management, to music, to Mark's interest in buying a new iPad. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John's first review is for Pixelmator on iOS. John's second review is for the flatOUT LED Lightning to USB Cable by Scosche. The third review from John this week is for Beep. Beep is a small wi-fi music player that connects to any speaker system and lets you cast music from your phone.

More information regarding discussed topics:

Photos Application: Mark is deeply confused by Photos, the Photos app, and iCloud integration. Antonio tries to assist Mark, but Antonio thinks it would be best just to delete the application. What do you think? Mark just doesn't like how different the app is in direct comparison to iPhoto as it is a radical change that is really a completely new application. It no longer just works and it seems to not be as intuitive. Mark expresses concerns over the iCloud storage and the reliability of synchronisation. Mark also believes that Apple's iCloud Storage is overpriced in comparison to competitors. Would you agree? Antonio does mention that some cloud services offer versions, thereby allowing you to go back if you accidental delete photographs or files. Antonio goes on to mention that he has always felt Apple's photo manipulation can be too strong and lacks subtlety. We also discuss possible alternatives to the Photos application that include: Adobe Lightroom, ACDSee, Canto's Cumulus, Photoshop Elements, and Mylio

Apple Music, Streaming Music & TIDAL: Based on John's review of TIDAL from last week, Mark has signed up to the HiFi streaming version of TIDAL. Mark talks about his thoughts of the application and the service and references some of Nemo's thoughts. Mark goes on to explain how he uses TIDAL exclusively for music discovery. Do you also use streaming services to discover new music that you wish to buy? Or do you use these services as your only source of music consumption? Let us know in the comments. Mark doesn't understand Apple Music either, but he believes it will be a runaway success because it comes pre-installed with the operating system. Although, having just renewed his iTunes Match subscription, Mark ponders the future and how relevant iTunes Match will be in the future. Elisa believes that the connection with artists will likely be a big plus for consumers, although Mark believes that the connected artists will be too focused into popular genres. Mark also doesn't believe Beats Radio will be of any relevance and he asks who listens to the radio anymore. Do you, dear listener? Mark finds it interesting that The Beatles are absent from Apple Music, yet they are available on iTunes Radio. Mark also believes that Beats and Apple Music are a weird matching that doesn't quite make sense and will cause consumer confusion. The team go on to talk about creative people not getting paid what they are deserved. Do you think that creative people need to be paid more? Mark suggests that a tired pricing model would allow Apple to pay creative people more money depending on the quality of the stream. 

iOS 9 & Mark Wants An iPad Again: Mark explains how the new multi-tasking in iOS 9 has made the iPad relevant again. Although, Peter rains on Mark's parade by saying that the 50/50 multi-tasking split in iOS will also be available in OS X El Capitan. Peter is a spoilsport, isn't he? Whilst Mark isn't really deterred, he is worried about the usability of the apps that he needs to rely on for daily work and their limitations. Elisa still believes that the iPad is more about consumption, rather than creation although some of the new features, including the text editing options, are changing these long-held beliefs. 

Elisa Pacelli can be found on Twitter with username: @senseidai. She is also the host of the Three Geeky Ladies

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario

NAMP 158: Mark Never Stops Talking


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 157 (Not Another Post-WWDC Podcast)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Peter Bird is the host and has been joined by Melissa Davis, Steve Sande, and Antonio Rosario to discuss everything from WWDC 2015.  

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the TIDAL Hi-Fi Music Streaming Service. Since John recorded this review, TIDAL have also released a dedicated application for Mac and PC. Whilst it is in Beta, I have been testing it for the past week and it is performing without issue. 

More information regarding discussed topics:

WWDC Sessions: Melissa wonders if anyone on the panel is going to be checking out the individual developer sessions that are available to stream from WWDC. Personally, I find them interesting but I fear the knowledge required to fully understand what is being spoken about exceeds my mental capacity. Although, Melissa's eight-year-old sounds drastically more intelligent that I am. Way to go Melissa! 

Apple Music: Steve Sande hit it on the head when he said the music segment of WWDC seemed to ramble and go on forever. I must admit, as much I love music, I was bored out of my brain. Antonio had the best idea though, as he fell asleep during that segment. Steve mentioned that he didn't know who half of these music people were and Steve I can assure you, age is no barrier. I'm in my mid-30s and I didn't know them either. I dare say this new music service, like many other subscription based services, is aimed solely at the younger demographic that is not buying music. 

WWDC Is Staged: Antonio argues that these Apple conferences are becoming too staged. Whilst I feel they have always been staged, they just aren't doing a good job of it anymore. Lately everything announced has seemed disjointed with no real flow between announcements. Although, the diversity of women presenters has been a welcome addition. Hopefully, Apple continues this trend. 

Beta OS: Steve asks how many of the team are installing the Beta OS versions for iOS and OSX, but there is a resounding no. Needless to say installing Beta OS is a bad idea. Check out Dave Caolo's AppleWorld.Today article on the subject. Melissa, is thinking of installing the Beta OS and she gives some thoughts based on personal experience. Valuable information here!

Legacy Devices: The team talk about legacy devices in the wake of WWDC 2015. There are certainly some positives, and a couple of negatives, but at least the latest operating systems will not exclude any hardware. The only limitation, as mentioned in the show, is the features shown will not work across all systems. 

iOS 9: Steve suggests that one of the biggest changes since iOS launched was the new multi-tasking capabilities. I have to be honest, I am considering going back to an iPad because of these new features. Whilst my workflow won't perfectly suit that iPad form factor and OS, the multi-tasking features announced for iOS do eliminate many of my prior complaints. 

OS X El Capitan: Is this version the Snow Leopard edition of OS X? The team discuss this aspect. 

watchOS Update: Some interesting discussion relating to the new Apple Watch updates. Still doesn't make it a compelling piece of hardware for me, but I'm sure many people love it. 

All Those Features: Does the average user use all, or even most, of the features available to them on their devices. The team discuss this very interesting aspect and all I can say in addition is that I feel it comes down to the individual and what they want to get out of the system. With everyone aiming for different things, there will always be a certain amount of features that are not being used by all. However, I do agree with the team when they talk about general usability features. 

Siri Intelligence: Is Skynet almost here? Or is HAL alive and disguised as Siri. Antonio mentions that nobody he knows uses Siri. I must admit I don't either. Siri just doesn't understand my Aussie accent. Although, I could always give Talking to Siri a read by Erica Sadun and Steve Sande. Although, Melissa does worry about Siri listening to her all-the-time. 

ApplePay: Apple Pay for the UK, but not Australia. No fair! At least we have iTunes Radio...oh wait, Apple Music will be everywhere at the end of the month. I wonder what will happen to iTunes Radio. I don't know about you dear listener, but I get tired of radical changes from Apple. I understand the need to move forward, but innovation for the sake of innovation is not necessarily the future we should be aiming for. What do you think?

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78

Melissa Davis can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username @TheMacMommy

Steve Sande can be found at and on Twitter with username @stevensande 

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario

NAMP 157: Not Another Post-WWDC Podcast


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 156 (Tweak And Optimise)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Peter Bird is the host and has been joined by Mark Chappell and Karl Madden to discuss everything from the Mac security to Spotify.  

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the Gostand Portable Mic and Tablet Stand

More information regarding discussed topics:

MacKeeper & Security Protection For Your Mac: Mark Chappell has an issue with MacKeeper and that allows the guys to talk Mac security. Karl thinks we're pretty safe. Would you agree? Is a new version of OS X all we need to avoid security and bug pitfalls? The team talk about it on this episode. Karl talks about Apple not supporting legacy gear. That annoys me as well, I can assure you! Karl also questions what we are really missing from the Mac operating system and if we would prefer the bugs get squashed, rather than fancy new features. 

Mac Media: The team attack the lazy reporting in the tech press and Karl's rant rivals my own. Awesome! Karl mentions that as podcasters we read the news to then discuss it...that really sounds like a lot of work Karl. Honestly, great discussion and I agree with every aspect the team has mentioned. Let us know if you still read the Mac tech press, or are you tired of it. Karl raises an interesting point regarding the difference between news and advertising. Certainly it is a fine line and it could be said that much of the Apple tech press are merely an extension of Apple's promotional arm without even knowing it. We are all just promotional guinea pigs!

Apple Haters: The truth comes out Karl used to be a staunch Apple hatter. No way, say it isn't so! Although, Karl does raise a really good point about haters of products or brands. Have a listen and see if you agree with him. I certainly do. 

Apple Watch: Karl believes it is near impossible to demo the Apple Watch as it is too personal. Karl raises an interesting opinion that whilst many people do want a sim in their Apple Watch, to make it essentially a phone, he doesn't want a radio antenna right next to his skin. Whilst I do agree, I would argue that the Apple Watch already has antenna's and therefore there is still the possibility of risk. 

Phantom Updates From The Mac And iOS App Stores: Peter has updates, but then he doesn't. Then he does. Then he doesn't again. It is really, really, strange. However, Peter just thinks he is special. 

Apple Pay: Or lack of Apple Pay? The guys talk about Apple Pay and what it will take to get the world banks onboard, especially those within the United Kingdom. They also discuss if we should be so willing to allow our money to exist via only electronic means. What do you think? I personally still like using cash. How about you? 

Do Heads Really Roll At Apple: The panel discuss bosses and who is to blame when something goes wrong, especially at Apple.

Spotify And Podcasts: Karl mentioned that if a band or artist isn't on Spotify, then he doesn't listen to them anymore. Oh, Karl, you are missing out on so much–especially AC/DC! This is one of the reasons why I dislike streaming services. At present, I still feel that iTunes has the largest range but admittedly their service doesn't suit everybody, nor is iTunes Radio available in the UK which is obviously a valid issue for this particular panel.  

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78

Mark Chappell can be found at and on Twitter with username: @oceanspeed

Karl Madden can be found at and on Twitter with username: @claw0101

NAMP 156: Tweak And Optimise


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 155 (An Episode Without Mark)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Peter Bird is the host and has been joined by Kelly Guimont, Steve Sande, Antonio Rosario, and Mark Chappell, to discuss everything from the Apple Watch to Gene Munster.  

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews David Pogue’s: Pogue’s Basics

More information regarding discussed topics:

Apple Watch: After some early tomfoolery, Peter kicks off the show discussing the Apple Watch. Oh dear, I wish I was hosting this week! Apparently there was a little update to the Apple Watch OS and Kelly says that things are little peppier than before. Peter wonders where the walkie-talkie app is for Apple Watch. It will be up to you dear listener, but I am positively turned off the Apple Watch now. Antonio hits on an interesting point and that is that the Apple Watch is one of the first products released by Apple that he isn't excited about. Kelly believes that the Apple Watch is merely an auxiliary piece of technology, that whilst useful, is only useful in conjunction with an iPhone. What do you think? Let us know in the comments? Peter claims that the Apple Watch has changed people's behavior, but Antonio wants to know how? Is it positive and a better experience or not? 

Headphones: Peter interestingly decided to adopt Bluetooth headphones, instead of wired headphones for his iPhone/Apple Watch combo. That is a perspective that I hadn't considered before and it certainly does assist with being able to listen to music without being tied to a device. But sadly, Peter only got a cheap headset. Oh Peter, we need to discuss music fidelity via Bluetooth upon my return. Kelly is also looking for some Bluetooth headhones and whilst everyone's preference is different, I would recommend a set of Bose Wireless Headphones. Intriguingly, Mark Chappell mentions Aftershokz Bone Conducting Headphones. Nemo really needs to review a pair for the World's Shortest Reviewcast. 

Gene Munster: Kelly takes us for a walk down memory lane and talks about the latest Munster/Piper Jaffray claim regarding an Apple television set. Antonio plays Devil's Advocate by asking why Apple wouldn't release a television. The conversation is interesting and whilst this show doesn't normally talk about rumours, there are some interesting opinions this week that will make you think. What are your thoughts about the Apple TV? Apple TV content is heavily discussed and Mark Chapell suggests that the reason for a lack of content on Australian services is due to the fact that we should be visiting the beach more. His point is certainly valid, but it is scary out there, and I'm not just talking about me wearing a pair of swimmers at the beach. 

The New Steve Jobs Film: There is another? I never saw the previous one. It must be due to a lack of content in Australia! Will you be seeing the new Steve Jobs film? The roundtable team then talk about movies in general and Steve claims to have seen Star Wars: A New Hope forty times at the theatre. That has to be a world record. How many times have you seen Star Wars?  

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78

Kelly Guimont can be found via and on Twitter with username: @verso

Steve Sande can be found at and on Twitter with username @stevensande 

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario

Mark Chappell can be found at and on Twitter with username: @oceanspeed

NAMP 155: An Episode Without Mark


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 154 (The Episode About Periscopes)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Mike McPeek and Ronnie Lutes to discuss everything from an Apple Store experience gone wrong to the Apple TV. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the My Charge RazorPlus, Secur Four-In-One Car Charger Model Number: SP-4002, and the Thumbs Up UK Touch Speaker Boom Box.
More information regarding discussed topics:

Mark's Apple Store Experience: Mark was hounded to try on an Apple Watch at his local Apple Store. It left him feeling uncomfortable and wondering if Apple is now looking more at sales, than ensuring an enjoyable retail experience for its customers. Although, it did allow Mark to walk away and took a look at the new gold MacBook. Mark likes it, despite the inflated price. In contrast to Mark's experience, Ronnie can't understand why they pressured him as the Apple Watch wasn't even able to be purchased in the store on the day in question. Back to the new MacBook and Ronnie thinks the force touch track pad is voodoo. Ronnie goes as far as saying that the new MacBook is certainly the computer for him, but he does clarify that he keeps the majority of content in the cloud. Despite Mark and Ronnie doing their best to detail the Apple Store experience, Mike wins in the disappointment category as Apple has neglected putting an Apple Store in his neck of the woods, or is that the plains? Regardless, Mike has to live vicariously through the rest of us but he is considering a possible iMac upgrade in the near future. This topic inevitably leads Mark on a mini-rant regarding the substandard computing power and functionality available in these modern Macs. Although, Ronnie doesn't agree with Mark's view as he believes that the power provided is more than most users will ever need. It is an interesting discussion and we would love to hear your feedback. Mike may also be considering a hackintosh, or at least running a Linux build on an old PowerMac G4. 

Apple TV: Mark believes it is the one device that we all love to hate, but we secretly really want to love it. Mark talks about how adding a Bose Lifestyle 235 Series II system has changed the way he uses and connects with the Apple TV. Mark wants to know why Mike doesn't have an Apple TV wand what Apple would need to convince Mike that a purchase is necessary. Do you use an Apple TV? If not, why not? Share your thoughts with us. Mike would like a live television option, similar to cable but says that no Amazon app on the Apple TV is somewhat of a killer for the purchase. Mike also wants a universal search feature that is consumer friendly and Mark certainly agrees stating that the content should come before the content provider. Mark talks about AirPlay being unreliable, especially when streaming video from apps on iOS and questions why YouTube has been removed from the Apple TV 2. Mark then raises an interesting point regarding digital eco-systems and their freedom to remove features/content that was previously available on the device at the time of purchase. Ronnie declares his biggest wish for the Apple TV is a remote that actually works and the ability to have apps. Apple's 30% share then becomes part of the conversation and Mark seems to be a little confused with what Apple charges 30% for. Mark certainly doesn't feel there is a need for new Apple TV hardware, but he would love to see many changes to the operating system in order to improve the end user experience. Mark believes the price reduction of the Apple TV was directly related to expanding the install base, not making inventory space for a new system. 

Periscope: No, we don't talk about submarines but we do talk about a new live video streaming app/service called Periscope. Ronnie details his user appearance. It certainly sounds intriguing, but Mark can't help but be concerned about the possible negative aspects of the app/service. Certainly, Ronnie talks about the possibility of piracy via this service, but Mike thinks the quality is so abysmal that it wouldn't have much of an impact. Have you used Periscope? If so, let us know what you think. 

Mike McPeek can be found on Twitter with username: @dscchipman. Mike is also a co-host of Sci-Fi Tech Talk and Geekiest Show Ever.

Ronnie Lutes can be found on Twitter with username: @HabDabRon. Ronnie is also the co-host of the Haberdashery Podcast


NAMP 154: The Episode About Periscopes


Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 153 (Mark Rants For An Entire Episode)

On this episode of Not Another Mac Podcast, Mark is joined by Antonio Rosario, Kevin Aller, and Peter Bird to discuss everything from the Apple Watch announcement, to the new Macbook with that puny FaceTime camera, and the demise of Aperture. 

This episode also features the World's Shortest Reviewcast by John Nemerovski. John reviews the VisionTek 3 Meter 4K UHD High Speed HDMI to HDMI Pivot Cable (900750) and VisionTek 12 Piece Toolkit for Macs (900671).


More information regarding discussed topics:

  • Aperture Is Dead: Mark gets the ball rolling by hijacking Antonio's issues with Apple killing off Aperture and they both question if Apple is still supportive of their professional consumers. Mark talks about Apple being behind the curve when it comes to managing photographs and Antonio believes that Apple simply hasn't been able to master Digital Asset Management. But, iTunes can manage your media library quite adequately. Can't it? You will just have to listen to find out what Antonio and the rest of the panel think. We also question if Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the better option to consider in the wake of Aperture's demise. That allows us to consider if third party applications provide better longevity than Apple's internal applications. 
  • Apple's Planned Obsolescence: Mark doesn't believe that we can rely on Apple to deliver applications or services that will be around for years to come. Would you agree? Mark asks which bonehead at Apple decided it was a good idea to remove optical media support from iPhoto while Antonio is increasingly becoming interested in a hackintosh system because all new systems need to be pre configured at the time of purchase thereby limiting productivity and expansion options. Do you think a hackintosh is the way to go? Perhaps it is as Mark believes that Apple is too focused on planned obsolescence. Are you also tired of the constant upgrade path? In relation to the planned obsolescence, Mark and Kevin question why Apple seem to be reducing the performance of the Mac Mini and iMac, considering the 2012 edition entry-level models are substantially more powerful than those offered today. 
  • Is Apple Obsessed With Design?: Peter asks if Apple is too obsessed with design and thereby introducing equipment that lacks functionality. Well, that gets Mark on a RANT about the new gold MacBook and the silly all-in-one USB-C connector. Mark questions where it fits in to the current Mac lineup. Do you think it fits? Mark also believes this new Macbook is merely a concept product, released to market, and will not appeal to many users. Mark feels Apple should perfect what they have, before redesigning although Kevin thinks that the new Macbook is the much rumoured iPad Pro and believes this new MacBook will replace the MacBook Air within 18 months. In any case, Antonio feels that the key to new Macbook is battery life, but Mark argues that battery life in real-world usage is never all-day, or as advertised. Do you get all-day battery usage from your portable gear? Plus, what is it with that puny 480p FaceTime camera on the new MacBook? It is yet again further proof that Apple is giving us old technology in new glossy cases. Perhaps this proves that design is more important. What do you think? Certainly Kevin believes this may be the case as he wonders why Apple is so focused on the new butterfly and back lit keyboard features. Kevin also questions why operating systems are updated on a yearly basis if only show off the new design of icons. Of course, Mark believes the yearly update is just another reason to ensure planned obsolescence. 
  • Apple Has Too Many Product Lines: Antonio feels that Apple has gone back to the 1990s with too many product lines and Peter feels that someone just needs to say no to Tim Cook. Do you find there are too many options, or not enough? 
  • Apple Watch: Mark argues the accessory, now has an accessory. Mark doesn't believe the battery life will work adequately for many people, but Kevin wants to see a Mophie Juice Pack for the Apple Watch. Mark and Kevin feel the Apple Watch looks too thick, especially when compared against other smart watch options. Mark also worries about the longevity of the Apple Watch and the subsequent value in the long term. With longevity in mind, Mark questions what will happen if/when the battery goes bad, but Peter clarifies that Apple are going to be able to replace the batteries when the need arises. Whilst that is good news, the new forced Apple Watch app, for iPhone, has the entire panel complaining and Mark wonders why Apple didn't consider kinetic changing.
  • Research Kit: This is the only topic that Mark doesn't RANT about. Yay! In-fact, this is likely the greatest announcement from Apple in years. 
  • AppleTV: HBO is great, but it doesn't apply to anyone outside the USA. Mark also doesn't believe there needs to be an updated AppleTV and provides some interesting thoughts relating to this. Take a listen to find out what Mark's thoughts are. Did you know that you can pair third party universal remotes to the AppleTV? Mark, Antonio, and Kevin didn't but Peter clarifies that you can actually use universal remotes with the AppleTV. 

Antonio Rosario can be found at and on Twitter with username: @amrosario. He can also be found at and @switch2manualAntonio's Instagram feed

Kevin Allder can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: He is also the host of Geekiest Show Ever.

Peter Bird can be found at and can also be found on Twitter with username: @peter78

NAMP 153: Mark Rants For An Entire Episode